VA Surpasses Goal to House 38,000 Homeless Veterans in 2023

November 29, 2023
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Today, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced that it permanently housed 38,847 homeless veterans through October of 2023—surpassing the 2023 goal two months early.

Through October, VA has also:

  • Engaged with 34,498 unsheltered veterans to connect them with the housing and resources they need, exceeding the department’s 2023 goal by 123%
  • Ensured that 96.2% of veterans housed have remained in housing, exceeding the department’s 2023 goal by 1.2%
  • Ensured that 93.1% of the veterans who returned to homelessness have been rehoused or are on a pathway to rehousing, exceeding the department’s 2023 goal by 3.1%

In the Greater Los Angeles area, VA provided 1,464 homeless veterans with permanent housing this year—which is the most of any city in America and on pace to exceed the 2023 goal.

Ending veteran homelessness is a top priority for VA and President Biden, who has made supporting veterans a key pillar of his Unity Agenda. In 2022 alone, VA housed more than 40,000 formerly homeless veterans, prevented more than 17,700 veterans and their families from falling into homelessness, and helped nearly 191,700 additional veteran families who were experiencing financial difficulties to retain their homes or avoid foreclosure. Thanks in part to these efforts, veteran homelessness has fallen by 11% since early 2020 and by more than 55% since 2010. 

Read the full announcement.


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