Frequently Asked Questions

I'm experiencing or at risk of homelessness. How do I get help?

Visit our How to Get Help page. 


How do I contact a Continuum of Care, which coordinates the local response to homelessness?

Visit the HUD Exchange for a state-by-state list of local Continuums of Care.


How do I contact USICH?

If you have a media request, email Communications Manager caroline.cournoyer@usich.gov. For general matters, email usich@usich.gov. For event requests, see below. For other matters, visit our Staff page.


How can I invite USICH to speak at my event?

Visit the Event Requests page, fill out the form, and USICH will be in contact with you ASAP.


Who is the USICH senior regional advisor for my state, and how can they help?

Visit the Meet Your USICH Regional Advisor page to find out.


Does USICH administer any federal funding?

No. We help the federal government and communities use federal resources in the most efficient and effective ways.


What federal funding and programs are available to address homelessness?

Visit the Federal Funding & Programs page for a full list of targeted and non-targeted resources and initiatives.


Where can I find data (including local and state data) on homelessness?

The Point-in-Time Count published by HUD provides an annual, single-night snapshot of homelessness in America, but it’s only one of several federal data sources. Visit our Homelessness Data & Trends page to learn more.


Who is on the Council?

The Council is led by a chair and vice chair, who are elected annually by the members, who represent 19 federal agencies. Visit the Council & Federal Partners page to learn more. 


When does the Council meet next, and are the meetings open to the public?

The Council meets four times a year. The meetings are not open to the public, but USICH publishes meeting recaps. Visit the Council & Federal Partners page to learn more. 


How do I sign up for the newsletter, and how often does it run?

The newsletter is published every two weeks. You can subscribe here


Is USICH hiring?

Check the Job Openings section of our Staff page.