HUD Reiterates Role of Housing as a Social Determinant of Health

November 28, 2023
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The Biden-Harris administration recently made two announcements that demonstrate its commitment to advancing health equity by addressing social determinants and creating a more integrated approach to health care and social services.

The U.S. Playbook to Address Social Determinants of Health highlights the importance of housing as a key driver of health outcomes and lifts up examples of how Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) programs like Choice Neighborhoods are supporting collaborative efforts to address social determinants of health.

In addition, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced a new Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program Health-Related Social Needs Framework (HRSNs) to help states use clinically appropriate and evidence-based interventions to support housing and nutrition needs for certain Medicaid enrollees, such as pregnant and postpartum women or people with chronic health conditions who are experiencing homelessness. 

And announced earlier this month, HUD and HHS are selecting up to four states to receive federal technical assistance through the Housing and Services Partnerships Accelerator to help implement Medicaid housing-related HRSNs in coordination with HUD and state and local housing programs.

Read the full announcement.


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