National Research Agenda

October 1, 2012

In October 2012, USICH released the nation's first National Research Agenda: Priorities for Advancing Our Understanding of Homelessness. This document outlines priority areas where we believe federal, local, and private investments should be made in additional research.

Investing in proven solutions is a key theme of Opening Doors . Significant research has been and is being conducted on homelessness across the federal government and throughout the country, and there is tremendous opportunity to better understand and apply what is being learned by coordinating and sharing research across federal agencies and with states and local communities.

The Agenda is focused on work in eight domains:

  • Affordable and supportive housing
  • Cost offsets/Cost-effectiveness
  • Homelessness crisis response
  • Homelessness prevalence and risk and protective factors
  • Improving health, well-being, and stability
  • Justice linkages
  • Accessing mainstream benefits
  • Pathways to employment

A robust research base enables the furthering of best practices for all those working to end homelessness, and is a key element in changing the way our nation takes action. Read through the research agenda to learn more details on the eight priority areas.