Appendix A: How This Plan Was Created

This is an excerpt of All In: The Federal Strategic Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness. Read the full plan at


People experiencing homelessness have the most knowledge about their needs but have historically had the least opportunity to shape homelessness policies and programs. USICH recognizes the need to have people with lived experience of homelessness actively involved in the design of policies and programs, decisions about solutions, and allocation of budgets at all levels of government.

That is where this plan started.

Between August and December 2021, USICH requested and analyzed feedback from more than 500 people with lived experience of homelessness. Their wisdom, which has been shared throughout this document, heavily influenced the development of this plan.

During the same period, USICH solicited input from a wide range of additional stakeholders, including:

  • CoC representatives, leadership, and board members
  • Direct services provider organizations and frontline staff
  • Leaders in racial equity, criminal justice, and health care
  • National organizations committed to the rights of people experiencing homelessness
  • Advocates for LGBTQI+ individuals, youth and young adults, and people with disabilities
  • State, city, county, territory and tribal officials
  • Regional and state Interagency Councils on Homelessness
  • Organizers and volunteers for mutual aid and housing justice


How This Plan Was Created