Case Management

Once a Veteran has secured housing, VAMC case managers are responsible for ensuring that he or she remains stably housed and is connected to any necessary clinical services.  The VA provides funding to VAMCs that they can use to either hire dedicated case managers for the HUD-VASH program or contract out case management functions to homeless service providers.  VAMCs target a ratio of 25 HUD-VASH households for each case manager.  The VA encourages case managers to regularly meet with their clients, including home visits, in the first few months after lease-up to help Veterans transition into their new homes and receive the proper referrals.   Case management can become less frequent over time as the Veteran becomes more comfortable living independently and is connected to the proper resources.  VAMCs can use their HUD-VASH resources to either hire HUD-VASH case managers or contract out case management to a non-profit organization.  

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