Children’s Bureau Training and Technical Assistance Network

Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families

The purpose of the T&TA Network is to build the capacity of state, local, tribal, and other publicly administered or publicly supported child welfare agencies and family and juvenile courts through the provision of training, technical assistance, research, and consultation on the full array of federal requirements administered by the Children's Bureau.

Agency TA Contact: Heidi Staples, 

Eligible Applicants

On site T&TA is negotiated between the states making the request, the regional offices, and the providers.  It is aimed at capacity building activities rather than direct training.  T&TA is to be made in coordination with the Children and Family Services Review findings and the needs of the state and their Program Improvement Plans. There is a needs assessment and readiness assessment component, as well as planning and coordination activities with partner National Resource Centers.