Students on the move: reaching and teaching highly mobile children and youth

Patricia A. Popp, James H. Stronge, Jennifer L. Hindman

November 2003

The purpose of this handbook it to synthesize research on the education of various subpopulations of students who tend to be highly mobile and to explore common characteristics and significant differences. While research studies may still be limited, practitioners have been addressing mobility on a variety of fronts. From classroom strategies to local, state, and federal policies, steps have been taken to foster the stability of students in schools and increase their academic success. The topics are organized around case studies. This structure provides a "workbook" format in which the concepts being presented can be applied to specific scenarios. In addition to the case studies, a number of children's books that deal with mobility have been reviewed with accompanying activities to be used with either students or educators. Working with students experiencing high mobility requires the collaborative efforts of many individuals and agencies. Therefore, this workbook contains information that will, hopefully, be valuable to a large audience, including educators and other school-based personnel, administrators, policymakers, and other service providers in the community.

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