Rebuilding Lives: the Impact of Supportive Housing

Kimberly Bayer, Maria T. Barker


This evaluation measured the progress of tenants living in supportive housing financed by Enterprise. All the developments included in this evaluation were located throughout New York City and Yonkers, and they all served populations with special needs, such as mentally ill, formerly homeless, elderly, substance abusers, and tenants living with HIV/AIDS. The study measured the stabilization of tenants' lives according to the following indicators: income level and employment status; maintaining stable, permanent housing; personal declaration of satisfaction, health improvements and ability to cope with problems; increased compliance with medication and therapy; and reduced hospitalizations. The evaluation showed improvements in the quality of living for supportive housing tenants. This document may be used as a fundraising tool or as a resource when designing new supportive housing projects. Information is broken down by projects visited, profiles of the tenants served through the use of charts and graphs, as well as a tenant survey.

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