From Prison to Home: The Dimensions and Consequences of Prisoner Reentry

Jeremy Travis, Amy L. Soloman, and Michele Waul

June 2001

This study examines the challenges of reintegrating individuals who leave prison and return home – challenges that are felt differently by different sectors of society.  Every day in the United Sates, nearly 1,600 men and women leave prison. The moment of reentry can raise new fears for the victims of the original offense, or it can be a time for reconciliation. And then there are the stubborn facts of daily living:  the search for housing, employment, treatment, health care, and something as simple as a driver’s license. These challenges, large and small, are now experienced in much larger numbers than ever before. The increasing volume of returning prisoners, the multiple challenges they face, and their high recidivism rates have serious consequences for public safety, as well as state budgets. These impacts expose the high stakes of reentry, and the opportunities to improve both safety and reintegration outcomes over the coming years. 

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