Coordinated Entry/Assessment

“Coordinated entry” or “centralized entry’ refers to the concept of ensuring that access to homeless services in a community is streamlined and households experiencing or at-risk for homelessness are able to quickly access the assistance they need and for which they are eligible, without having to call or be turned away from multiple programs.

In some communities, this coordinated system is centralized, in that there is a single point of entry for accessing all types of homelessness assistance. Other communities do not use a centralized point of entry, but rather have coordinated systems, which may include multiple points of entry, to coordinate access to homeless assistance services and housing and to link people to the most appropriate services and housing interventions. 

Communities with coordinated entry systems also utilize “coordinated assessment” strategies to better match people experiencing homelessness to the most appropriate types of housing assistance (such as prevention, rapid re-housing, shelter, and permanent supportive housing) based on an assessment of the needs of households .