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The Solutions Database is a living resource hub. USICH is continuing to identify programs and practices that will be added to the database in the future. Profiles reflect the most accurate information available at the time the profile was written, but things can change. If you feel something in the database is in error, if you have a resource for us to add to a current solution or if you would like to recommend a solution to us as we move forward updating the database, please contact USICH Communications.

Featured Solutions:

Critical Time Intervention (CTI)

Critical Time Intervention (CTI) is a structured, nine-month intervention that provides support to people during and after a transition to community living from shelter, hospital, or other institutional setting, with the primary goal of preventing a return to homelessness and other adverse outcomes.…

Home Again

Home Again provides permanent housing and support services to individuals who are experiencing or at risk of chronic homelessness using a Housing First approach. Outcomes from the program documented through a research study have shown clear advantages over standard approaches to providing care to people…