A Veteran-Centric Approach & Right Sizing Interventions for Veterans in Need - Veteran Profiles

When community partners, homeless service providers, and local Veterans Affairs centers work together, they can meet the needs of Veterans experiencing or at-risk of homelessness. There are many resources available to help Veterans in need. Some are federally or state funded; others are local. Some are targeted specifically to people experiencing homelessness or specifically to Veterans; others are more generally available to all people with low-incomes.

The key to making sure that these resources are used to their fullest potential most efficiently is for communities to adopt a Veteran-centric approach. When a Veteran seeks help or when an organization makes contact with a Veteran in need through outreach, the first step should be to understand that Veteran’s background and unique needs. There is no one size fits all solution and communities need to be prepared to provide the right response at the right time. Many partners in the community need to work together to make sure these interventions are ready and available when Veterans need them, but the Veteran should not experience these partnerships as disjointed systems. Partners should work together to connect Veterans to the broad spectrum of available resources seamlessly through as few points of contact as possible.

USICH drafted three example profiles of Veterans with different backgrounds and in need of differing intervention components. These profiles give a sense of what is involved when a community is able to serve a Veteran’s needs. The resources suggested for help are not meant to be comprehensive. In a given community the specific package of interventions provided for a Veteran in need should be tailored to the Veteran and should take into account local resource availability. The following profiles are meant to be examples to show how different programs and resources can be used to assist Veterans in need. 

Read a profile of Jon who lives with his wife and two children and is in danger of being evicted

Read a profile of Andrea who is a trauma survivor and is experiencing homelessness with her daughter

Read a profile of Hector who is experiencing chronic homelessness with co-occurring substance abuse disorder and diabetes