Veteran Homelessness In Focus

One of the four goals of Opening Doors is to end homelessness among our nation’s Veterans by 2015, and over the past four years, the country has made great strides. There are an array of programs and services available to Veterans who are at-risk of or experiencing homelessness. Below are articles produced by USICH the detail important programs, policies, and innovations in this work.

Pushing to the Goal: April 2013 

Following the April 16, 2013 Council meeting, USICH released a newsletter focused on important programs and policies that we need to accelerate if we are to the achieve the goal of ending Veteran homelessness by 2015. Framed by the article "Pushing to the Goal: Three Ways to Accelerate Ending Veteran Homelessness," the supplementary articles focus on these three important areas: faster connections to permanent housing, identifying and meeting the needs of every Veteran, and building stronger bridges to mainstream benefits. 

Pushing to the Goal: Three Ways to Accelerate Ending Veteran Homelessness

Breaking Down Legal Barriers to Housing

Ending Veteran Homelessness: HUD-VASH Makes Housing First a Priority

Successful Program Model: Washington State's SOAR Program for Veterans

Recent Findings on What It Will Take to Reach the Goal: February 2013

In December 2012 the Council heard from Dr. Dennis Culhane from VA’s National Center on Homelessness Among Veterans, who shared progress and opportunities for greater collaboration to achieve the results we need to reach the goal. Dr. Culhane's analysis and report were used by USICH to create a new report on Veterans: Ending Homelessness Among Veterans: A Report by the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness.  We encourage you to take a look. 

Read Ending Homelessness Among Veterans: A Report

Solving Veteran homelessness across the nation requires success in every community. There are some communities that are on-track to meet or exceed the 2015 goal. When he was a Special Advisor at USICH in the winter of 2012, Dr. Josh Bamberger talked with these leaders and analyzed their approaches in order to understand what it will take to achieve this level of success in every community. The resulting report is Positive Outliers: Communities on Track to End Veteran Homelessness.

Read Positive Outliers

Local Innovation Profiles: Winter 2012 

Dr. Josh Bamberger also took a closer look at innovations happening across the country to end Veteran homelessness. In November 2012, he wrote a detailed description of a new innovation, the Homeless Patient Aligned Care Team (HPACT), that integrates primary care with housing resources for Veterans with high needs. In December 2012, he detailed the SSVF program and its historic investment heading into 2013, while sharing the work of an innovative SSVF program in Wayne County, Michigan. And finally, in February 2013, he shared local solutions to the problem of covering move-in costs for Veterans involved in the HUD-VASH programs. 

Learn more about HPACT here

Learn more about SSVF and Southwest Solutions in Michigan

Learn more about local solutions to move-in costs in HUD-VASH

Beyond HUD-VASH: May 2012 

 In May 2012, USICH spoke with federal government partners and Veteran service providers on resources communities can use to help Veterans in need beyond the HUD-VASH Program. 

VA Programs to Prevent and End Homelessness: An Interview with Lisa Pape, Director of Homeless Programs for the Veterans Health Administration

A Veteran-Centric Approach & Right Sizing Interventions for Veterans in Need: Three Example Veteran Profiles

Pilot Program in MA Links Vulnerable Veterans to Housing and Services Quickly

Helping Female Veterans Find Stable Lives

The Path Forward: November 2011

In November 2011, USICH spoke with federal government partners, service providers, policy leaders, and a Veteran to focus on the path forward toward the 2015 goal.

Ending Veterans Homelessness by 2015: A Note from Susan Angell, the Executive Director for Veterans Homeless Initiatives at the Department of Veterans Affairs

Programs to Increase Employment for Veterans from the Department of Labor

Ending Veteran Homelessness in New Orleans: the Importance of Partnerships and Shared Goals

100K Homes Housing Placement Boot Camp: a New Efficient Way to Decrease Time to Housing

Top 9 Things You Can Do Right Now from 100K Homes

Female Veterans: With Increased Risk, Specific Needs to Overcome Homelessness

Planning Successful Outcomes for Veterans: Measuring Impact in Cincinnati