HHS Releases 4 New Issue Briefs from Researchers on Chronic Homelessness

The Assistant Secretary for Policy and Evaluation (ASPE) at the Department of Health and Human Services recently released four issue briefs concerning promising practices linking health, mental health, and substance abuse services to housing assistance for the target population of people experiencing chronic homelessness. The study focuses on people who have multiple, complex, and interacting physical and behavioral health conditions. Achieving the best results for these clients and the public institutions and systems from which they get care requires effective engagement, service delivery, and care coordination. To understand how this care is currently being delivered, the research team reviewed both published and unpublished literature and drew on team members’ extensive knowledge of successful programs and agencies. The research team also conducted site visits to see how housing and supportive services worked together on the ground in San Francisco, Chicago, and the Boston-Worcester area. Click on the links below to access these reports from ASPE: