The Role of Public Housing Agencies in Preventing and Ending Homelessness

The Role of Public Housing Agencies in Preventing and Ending Homelessness

Pacific Court: Supportive Public Housing in King County, Washington

Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) have a very important role to play in preventing and ending homelessness.  The current economic environment requires new partnerships and ways to leverage existing mainstream federal resources in order to benefit people at risk of or experiencing homelessness in communities across the country. We cannot wait for significant increased investments in targeted homeless assistance programs.

USICH Director of Housing Policy Kristy Greenwalt provides an overview of the critical role PHAs play in helping their communities end homelessness, including 5 specific steps that PHAs can take over the next twelve months.

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USICH hosted a webinar on this topic on August 11, 2011. 

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USICH also interviewed three PHA leaders about what it takes to build successful programs that effectively target and maintain housing stability for people at-risk of or experiencing homelessness. Charles Hillman from the Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority spoke with us about Columbus’ programs and the importance of collaborating with the community.  Stephen Norman from the King County Housing Authority gave a detailed overview of three successful projects that could be replicated by other communities. Adrianne Todman from the Washington, DC Housing Authority discussed how systems change, new partnerships, and using the right tools improved outcomes for their local Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH) program.

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