State and Local Governments

"State and local stakeholders must be active partners with the Federal Government, and their work will inform and guide our efforts at the national level." - President Barack Obama

The U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness believes partnerships with local communities and states are more important than ever. Mayors, county supervisors, city councilmen, governors, legislators, Continuums of Care, and their respective staff are on the front lines every day in the battle to prevent homelessness. They understand and experience first-hand how critical a stable home is to driving other outcomes, from savings in health care to the short- and long-term effects homelessness has on all populations, especially children.

Their work in cities across the country of combining housing and supportive services allowed us to “move the needle” on chronic homelessness over the last decade, reducing the number of chronically ill, long-term homeless Americans by one-third. Over the last decade with the support of the federal government and national advocacy organizations, local communities have made substantial advancements by developing over 300 community plans to prevent and end homelessness.

Active Engagement

Since the release of Opening Doors in June 2010, there has been unprecedented collaboration from federal agencies with one another, and with state and local governments and nonprofits in our efforts to implement the Plan. We need to accelerate our progress to reach the goals in Opening Doors, which is why USICH is encouraging all states and local communities to join us in Opening Doors Across America, a USICH call to action for states and local communities. By taking the steps outlined, your community can join this national effort and achieve results, and will be recognized as a champion for leadership in ending homelessness. USICH has developed toolkits and guidance for communities to implement this intiative. Join us now.

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Resources for States and Local Governments 

USICH is commited to ensuring that states and local governments are equipped with the best practices and models to enhance their efforts to prevent and end homelessness. Below you can access our toolkits on a variety of topics and our Solutions Database. Another important resource for states and local governments is our report released in April 2012, Searching out Solutions, which focuses on constructive alternatives to the criminalization of homelessness. 

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Read Searching Out Solutions: Constructive Alternatives to the Criminalization of Homelessness

USICH National Organization Partners

The following national organizations and their membership are key partners to ensuring the success of Opening Doors

International Downtown Association

National Association of Counties

National Governors Association

National League of Cities

United States Conference of Mayors

United Way Worldwide

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