Building the Plan

During the development of Opening Doors, USICH stressed the importance of transparency and feedback from a variety of stakeholders. This process of feedback and collaboration included researchers, practitioners, state and local government leaders, advocates, and people who have experienced homelessness, as well as federal agency staff. You can learn more about the Plan development process by reading the corresponding document to the right. 

USICH obtained input from more than 750 leaders of regional and state interagency councils as well as Mayors, Congressional staff, the National Alliance to End Homelessness Leadership Council and the National Health Care for the Homeless Consumer Advisory Board. USICH also made it possible for the public to comment on the Plan’s themes through an interactive website, which generated nearly over 2,000 individual comments. You can read our summary of these comments to the right, as well as summaries of stakeholder input from both Community and Regional Interagency Council Meetings.

Additionally, we have included all resources used in the development of Opening Doors including literature reviews, special submissions from experts in the field, and a comprehensive bibiliography. We have also included a position paper on community plans to end homelessness. You may also be interested in the most recent USICH Annual Report to Congress.