Medicaid Enrollment: A Frontline Guide for People Experiencing Homelessness

Staff members from the USICH and NHCHC describe the work being done at the national level to enroll people experiencing homelessness in Medicaid, and frontline workers from Boston Health Care for the Homeless and Heartland Health Outreach in Chicago outline how they have already been implementing these practices.  The information they share includes lessons learned and recommendations for other enrollment workers new to Medicaid expansion. View this webinar and learn how these skills can aid in enhancing your community's Medicaid enrollment efforts. This webinar is designed to complement the recently released Medicaid Enrollment: Your Guide for Engaging People Experiencing Homelessness.


  • Liz Osborn, Management and Program Analyst, U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness
  • Barbara DiPietro, Director of Policy, National Health Care for the Homeless Council
  • Julie Jones, Boston Health Care for the Homeless, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Julie Nelson, Associate Director of Outreach, Benefits, and Entitlements, Heartland Health Outreach, Chicago, Illinois
  • Sheena Ward, Senior Benefits and Entitlements Specialist, Heartland Health Outreach, Chicago, Illinois

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