HUD, VA & USICH Participate in 2014 DC PIT Count

On the night on January 29, hundreds of volunteers walked the streets of D.C. to take part in the annual Point-in-Time (PIT) count, providing a snapshot of the number of people experiencing homelessness on any given night.

Secretary Shaun Donovan of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Secretary Eric Shinseki of the Department of Veteran Affairs, and Barbara Poppe, Executive Director of the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness, were among the hundreds of dedicated volunteers counting those without a home. From the Secretaries’ speeches before the count to everyone’s participation on the street, this video reveals the immense effort, determination and energy that go into PIT counts across the country.

As Secretary Donovan reminds us, PIT counts are not just about the numbers, but also about every person those numbers represent. “We’re counting, but we are doing more than counting too,” he said. “We’re finding out if somebody is a Veteran, have they served the country at some point? Are we talking about a youth, who may be homeless? And we are trying to find out why.”

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