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Executive Director Poppe Announces LA Home for Good Initiative


Good morning Los Angeles. I am excited to be a part of this important announcement and to join Elise Buik, Jerry Neuman, and Renee White-Fraser, along with Los Angeles City and County leaders and all of the representatives from the Business Leaders Task Force on Homelessness.

I applaud the excellent work of the Business Leaders Task Force on Homelessness. It is imperative in our work to prevent and end homelessness across the country, for the business community, nonprofits, and philanthropy to be actively engaged in these efforts.

Earlier this year, we launched Opening Doors, the first ever comprehensive federal strategic plan to prevent and end homelessness.  Home for Good with its two goals of ending chronic homelessness and Veterans homelessness is aligned with Opening Doors.

Like Opening Doors, Home for Good calls for better access and targeting of MAINSTREAM resources to accomplish the goals.  Likewise, Opening Doors and Home for Good will break down silos across the government. In today’s economic climate, we must fund what works – research has shown that the strategies laid out in Home for Good and the federal plan will save the economic and social costs we would all pay in the future.

By coordinating more effectively across jurisdictions, sectors, and agencies, Los Angeles will position itself to be competitive for future Federal resources. It is important to acknowledge the unprecedented collaboration that is occurring between the city and the county, both, at the staff level and among the city and county housing authorities. As your federal partner, I pledge to align the resources of our Council members -  HUD, VA, HHS, Labor, and our 15 other departments – with the work that will be necessary to realize the vision of Home for Good.

As we are telling communities across the country, now that you have a framework, you must Act.

On behalf of the Obama Administration, congratulations and we look forward to its implementation.