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USICH Publishes Fact Sheet on SAMHSA Homelessness Prevention Panel

February 29, 2012

In April 2011, leaders from USICH, SAMHSA, and ASPE (Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, HHS) led an expert panel and small group discussion on what is known about homelessness prevention, what can be learned from prevention science in behavioral health care that can be applied to homelessness prevention, and what principles and practices are effective and replicable.

Working together, panelists and audience members developed ten guiding principles to successful prevention of homelessness. The panel suggests that all levels of government, nonprofit, and private actors use these guiding principles in all aspects of their planning, monitoring, and implementation of their homelessness prevention activities. The fact sheet shares these principles, effective strategies to assist persons with multiple and complex needs, and where providers and policymakers working on prevention should focus their efforts.

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