02/08/2013 - What We’re Talking About: The Week at USICH - February 4-8

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The PIT Count and 100,000 Homes Campaign Registry Weeks

Some communities this year have chosen to combine their HUD-mandated PIT count with their existing 100,000 Homes campaign Registry Week. Using the Vulnerability Index during their surveys, the information gathered in this count can continue to inform efforts to house the most medically vulnerable in the community and connect individuals and services. This week Salt Lake City’s team was highlighted for their work in the Salt Lake Tribune.

Today, the Santa Barbara C3H collaboration (with Common Ground Santa Barbara as a key player) was highlighted for their progress in the last year. This in-depth report shares some individual stories of lives that have been changed by this work; ending homelessness for those that have been on the streets for a decade or more.

Read the Santa Barbara Independent article

Students and Youth Experiencing Homelessness

Students of all ages experiencing homelessness are often at the intersection of many different systems and crises. For students experiencing homelessness as a part of their families the challenges of remaining in their school of origin is a cost for both the families and public systems, and for students experiencing homelessness without any family support, the challenges of staying in school and staying safe are paramount.

Stories from Washington State and Peoria, Illinois on students experiencing homelessness shown from an education system perspective

An op-ed in The Advocate on the challenges of youth homelessness for LGBTQ youth from someone who experienced it

Transportation and Homelessness

A thought-provoking piece from The Atlantic Cities this week focused on the intersection of transportation policies and programs and homelessness policy. For many of those experiencing unsheltered homelessness, local transportation hubs and rest areas are often where individuals choose to locate. This article highlights the fact that many transportation employees are often first responders to homelessness and should be engaged with service providers and outreach teams in this effort.

Read more about this topic in The Atlantic Cities

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