03/01/2013 - What We’re Talking About: The Week at USICH - February 25 - March 1

At the beginning of this week we released a newsletter focusing on what’s needed moving forward to end Veteran homelessness and some important and innovative work going on across the country to make significant progress. Working from a detailed analysis by Dr. Dennis Culhane of the National Center on Homelessness Among Veterans, we released to the public Ending Veteran Homelessness: A Report by USICH, which details progress and opportunities for greater collaboration to achieve the 2015 goal. We also highlighted the work five communities on track to end Veteran homelessness undertake to make such progress, and more local innovations. 

Read the report

Check out all the articles in the newsletter

This week the New York Times also delved deeper into the challenges of female Veterans when they return to civilian life, particularly the challenges following military sexual trauma. Its impact on the ability of female Veterans to regain stability can exacerbate challenges that lead to homelessness. The growing number of female Veterans experiencing homelessness is shown through the personal stories of a few Veterans, and solutions like HUD-VASH are highlighted. 

Read the New York Times article

The National Health Care for the Homeless Council also released a report this week of their qualitative study of Health Care for the Homeless providers and utilization patterns of Veterans, including their interaction with VA Medical Centers and services. Read the report here. 

2013 National Conference on Ending Family and Youth Homelessness

USICH was so pleased to be able to attend the National Alliance to End Homelessness’ conference in Seattle last week, and were honored to be able to present and speak to conference attendees. USICH came back from the conference energized and motivated from all the great ideas and work going on around the country in this space. Barbara Poppe spoke to conference attendees at a plenary you can access here. 

Our partners shared their thoughts on both the Conference and the continuing progress on youth and family homelessness that we encourage you to read. Anne Miskey of Funders Together to End Homelessness blogs on Youth Count! and the key role of philanthropy in this effort, and David Wertheimer of the Gates Foundation blogs about the creative efforts of organizations across the country that were shared last week.  

Reports released this week

HUD released Worst Case Housing Needs Report to Congress 2011

The Bipartisan Policy Center released their report on American housing policy, Housing America’s Future: New Directions for National Policy 

And finally, some interesting stories from around the country: 

A mailroom in the Bronx provides a vital service to over 1,500 people

An innovative Goodwill program in Dayton, Ohio

A homeless court in Maricopa County, Arizona

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