12/14/2012 - What We’re Talking About: The Week at USICH - December 10 - 14

Today, we released the latest USICH newsletter covering the December Council meeting that took place this past Tuesday at the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Housing & Urban Development’s 2012 PIT Count release, our Youth Count! Initiative, HEARTH resources, and 2013 PIT guidance and resources.

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In addition to our newsletter, we put out quite a few resources and information through our social media this week. Here are a few of them.  

HUD releases 2012 PIT Count Estimates

On Monday, HUD released the 2012 Point-in-Time (PIT) Count estimates of homelessness. The numbers show that homelessness remained steady this past year, but the numbers also document a 7% decrease in Veterans and chronic homelessness. 

Read about the PIT Count here.

Research on students experiencing homelessness

Research out of the University of Minnesota identifies reading and “executive skills” as key ways to help students experiencing homelessness and/or high-mobility succeed in school. The research produced two articles explaining these findings in great detail, and we have added them to the USICH research and evaluation section of our website for your convenience.

Read an article summarizing this work and links to the article here

Access all the articles recently released on students experiencing homelessness here

Youth Homelessness

This week, The New York Times published a video featuring national correspondent Susan Saulny interviewing youth experiencing homelessness in Seattle. The video detailed the effects of the recession on this population, and shed light on the challenges faced by this population daily.

Watch video here.

In addition, Rolling Stone published an op-ed about LGBT youth homelessness that was written by Cyndi Lauper. 

Read the op-ed here.

Following the tragic death of a young man who was experiencing homelessness in Central Ohio, the Columbus Dispatch ran an editorial calling for more focus in Ohio and in cities across the country on systems and services in place for young people ages 18- 24 experiencing homelessness. This tragedy sheds light on the precarious situation that many youth are in across the country and the continued work that is needed to connect all the systems that work with youth together, including juvenile justice, child welfare, schools, and homeless services.

Read the op-ed here

Onward to 2013 PIT Count

With HUD’s release of 2012 PIT Count Estimates, we now look toward the 2013 PIT Count. This week, HUD took to our blog and conveyed an important message on volunteering for the upcoming 2013 PIT Count as part of MLK Day this January.  

Check out HUD’s guest blog, and get involved in the 2013 PIT Count.

USICH’s Barbara Poppe kicked off the PIT Count by participating with over 350 volunteers in Boston on Wednesday. The Boston Globe covered the event and highlighted her visit along with the organizations leading this event.

Read the article

Other news:

Bergen County, NJ decreases homelessness by 70% in one year, the largest decline in the U.S. outside of major cities 

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