State and Local Governments

Implement Opening Doors

The work of ending homelessness does not happen on the national level, it happens on the local level, in states, cities, towns, and counties. Without state and local governments taking initiative and implementing successful strategies to achieve measurable results, our nation will not achieve the goals laid out in Opening Doors: to end chronic homelessness and homelessness among Veterans by 2015, to end homelessness among families, youth, and children by 2020 and to set a path to ending all types of homelessness.

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Join us now! Begin the process of becoming a community that solves homelessness.

Level one: Become a Participating Community by contacting your regional coordinator and letting us know that you want to start an evidence-based path toward ending homelessness in your area.

Level two: Become an Opening Doors Community by completing these steps and setting your community on a path to achieve the goals of Opening Doors.

*      Adopt the four goals of Opening Doors

*      Convene your state or community interagency council

Communities that adopt Opening Doors participate in a feedback exchange with USICH and other communities on a path to ending homelessness.  USICH publicly highlights the successes of Opening Doors Communities.

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