Commit to Ending Homelessness

Ending homelessness in the United States is an attainable goal, and we are on the path to achieving it with the involvement of every level of government, the philanthropic community and individuals in every part of the country. Guiding our actions is Opening Doors, the Federal strategic plan to prevent and end homelessness, which states and communities around the nation are adopting because it is evidence-based, data driven and works. Commit to being part of the solution in your community by taking these four steps:

  1. Align your community plan with Opening Doors.
  2. Set targets and measure results.
  3. Act strategically.
  4. Partner in the national efforts to end homelessness.

USICH profiled communities across the country that are already demonstrating practices encouraged in Opening Doors, in line with four key steps noted above. 

Learn from Communities Leading the Way

We also developed a set of tools that will guide your community and help you take effective strategic action to end homelessness locally.

Access Tools for Local Action

Whether you are directly involved with your state or local government or simply desire to be of service, you have multiple options to encourage your community to be a part of solving homelessness in America. Check the links below to find out how.




State and Local Government