Actions for Organizations

Actions for Organizations

There are many actions you can take that will help prevent and end homelessness in America and encourage the efficient use of resources.

Educate the public, partner with local government leaders to renew their commitment to ending homelessness, and promote volunteerism to fuel the work that needs to be done:

  • Publish best practices in newsletters or other publications
  • Participate on Homeless Planning bodies like Continuum of Care Boards, Ten Year Planning Groups, or other collaborative body
  • Host meetings at your own facility to discuss issues and solutions in the community

Sponsor research on ways to be effective and efficient in our work, including research on targeting, prevention, and special populations:

  • Partner with local Colleges or Universities to publish information on best practices
  • Contribute to existing research
  • Promote best practices and build capacity (by volunteering or offering logistical support) to agencies that are being called upon to take best practices to scale
  • Ask agencies that you fund or volunteer with to provide data on results/outcomes for clients
  • Learn about Permanent Supportive Housing and promote its development in your community

Strategically invest in strategies in Opening Doors to help expand the supply of affordable housing, service enriched housing, and permanent supportive housing:

  • Read or download Opening Doors and familiarize yourself with the strategies in the plan
  • Press your community and its leaders to adopt the goals and strategies in the plan
  • Advocate for the expansion of the supply of affordable, service enriched and permanent supportive housing

Create incentives and forums for organizations to come together to discuss and learn how to improve discharge planning and homeless crisis response programs:

  • Sponsor joint meetings with the criminal justice system in your community to talk about better discharge planning
  • Invite subject matter experts to come to your community to talk about implementing best practices around discharge planning and effective homeless crisis response systems

Encourage communities to support and make the changes needed to prevent homelessness whenever possible, rapidly return people who become homeless to homes, and finish the job of ending chronic homelessness:

  • Advocate for prevention policies with funders, providers, and leaders in your community.
  • Only fund Emergency Shelters that are open to all who need the service, and are rapidly returning people to permanent housing