Regional Coordinator

Location: This position is located in several different duty stations throughout the U.S. Preference will be given to candidates who are located in or are willing to relocate at their own expense to any of the following states: Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, or Washington State. 

Start Date/ Duration: Open until filled, permanent full-time. Initial review of applications may begin as early as February 21, 2014.

Salary: USICH positions are not GS-graded.  Responsibility level, duties and salary range are similar, however, to a GS-301-13/14.  Position is in the Excepted Service; Schedule A appointment.

Description of Responsibilities:  

Regional Coordinators are part of the USICH National Initiatives team and serve as the bridge between the work of the Council, the nation's governmental leaders and communities across the United States. Four Regional Coordinators works in specific areas of the country to support and enhance efforts to end homelessness and facilitate implementation of Opening Doors: Federal Strategic Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness. 

Activities typically involve convening stakeholders at every level of government and with the private sector, encouraging implementation of strategies that maximize the impact of Federal resources and supporting strategic planning efforts. Regional Coordinators disseminate information about proven practices, bridge linkages among communities, and share practical resources to support community efforts and foster momentum through shared knowledge and cross-community collaboration.

In addition to their independent work in communities, Regional Coordinators support the USICH Executive Director, Deputy Director, Policy Directors, and Director of National Initiatives by planning community visits, arranging meetings, providing briefing documents, drafting talking points, serving as liaison and following-up on technical support activities with government agencies at the federal and state and community levels.  Regional Coordinators represent USICH to elected officials, governors, mayors, congressional representatives and/or their key aides and other public interest groups concerned with federal programs. 

Regional Coordinators are responsible for keeping USICH headquarters current and informed of major developments, efforts, and progress in states and communities within their regional coverage.  This includes monitoring the activities and establishment of State Interagency Councils to End Homelessness, the development of strategic plans to end homelessness and the alignment of such plans with the goals and objectives in Opening Doors, as well as major policy initiatives and innovations.

USICH is seeking candidates who demonstrate the following specialized knowledge, skills and experience:

  • Expert level knowledge and mastery of public systems that serve people at risk of and experiencing homelessness.  Demonstrated understanding of principles and implementation of practices that apply evidence based and innovative solutions (e.g. housing first model) to homelessness. 
  • Expert knowledge of Federal homeless and housing programs along with the governing laws, regulations, methodologies, and/or policies to include technical knowledge of issues surrounding homelessness;
  • Comprehensive understanding of federal and state programs that provide supportive services for persons in housing, public benefits programs, healthcare, employment programs, and programs and services for persons with disabilities;
  • Understanding of strategies and programs that can be employed to serve specific subpopulations; (i.e. chronically homeless, veterans, families with minor children, youth)
  • Demonstrated experience convening and coordinating diverse stakeholder groups;
  • Expert knowledge and experience with strategic planning;
  • Experience engaging diverse stakeholder groups;
  • Involvement with systems reform;         
  • Excellent public speaking, verbal and written communication skills;
  • Ability to be responsive to numerous concurrent requests and set priorities; and
  • Experience briefing and engaging senior level government officials.


Requires knowledge of mission, strategies, goals and objectives of USICH.  Ability to plan, organize, prioritize, and perform work independently with often diverse and competing priorities. Skill in interpersonal relationships, including the ability to communicate effectively, orally, and in writing with all levels of management and staff including those outside the organization.  Ability to research and analyze data, and to prepare documents in preparation for meetings, conferences, and for other uses

The Regional Coordinator receives direct supervision from the Director of National Initiatives.  Work is evaluated to ensure that overall objectives have been met.  Incumbent may also receive instructions from the Executive Director or Deputy Director, as necessary.    

Guides include verbal instructions, style manuals, correspondence handbooks, and established office procedures, policies and regulations.

The work involves different processes and methods. The incumbent assumes standard responsibilities for prioritizing work, taking initiative to produce routine work products, as well as completion of special projects and assignments. 

The purpose of the work performed by the incumbent is to carry out work processes specific to USICH. The work directly affects the overall accomplishment of the Council’s mission, strategies, goals and objectives.

Personal contacts are generally with the employees of Council, member agencies, other federal, state and local entities, and the general public.

The purpose of such contact is to furnish or get information.

No special physical qualifications are required to perform the work. The work requires the ability to move around the office and carry light items such as office files.

The work is performed in an office setting.

How to Apply

Please email a cover letter which includes your availability, your resume and salary history to