Supportive Services for Veterans Families (SSVF) Program

The Supportive Services for Veterans Families Program works with nonprofit organizations to provide social services for low-income and very low-income veterans and their families currently residing in or transitioning to permanent housing.

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Funding to these organizations provides outreach and case management to families to help them through the process of accessing all VA benefits and mainstream benefits for which they are eligible. These benefits include health care, housing counseling services, temporary financial assistance, transportation services, child care services, and legal services. This program allows for families (defined as a single person, or a family in which the head of household or the spouse of the head of household is a Veteran) to receive guidance and management to access to full range of community benefits available to maintain stable housing. 

Eligible Applicants:

Nonprofit organization or community co-operatives are eligible to apply for SSVF funding. 

Eligible Beneficiaries:

Veteran families who are very low-income (or currently homeless) and live in or recently resided in permanent housing are the beneficiaries of this program. 

Funding Mechanism:

The first grant funding became available in December 2010, and these competitive grants will be awarded annually directly to the social service agency implementing the supportive service.