Rural Development

Rural Development funds help many individuals living in rural America find the tools they need to find and stay in housing, and includes programs for single individuals and families, nonprofit organizations serving families in need, and community business partners that improve life in rural areas.

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The Rural Development Program’s Rural Housing Service works to improve housing options for individuals and families living in rural America.  The Rural Housing Service administers a wide range of programs including offering direct loans, loan guarantees for banks, and direct grants to individuals and families for home purchase as well as to landlords, non-profits, and developers to build multi-family and assisted living housing, farm labor housing, community facilities and to rehabilitate existing housing. 

The Rural Business Cooperative Service also administers programs that can help prevent and end homelessness though they are not specifically targeted to do so. The Rural Business Cooperative Service works with rural businesses to form public private partnerships and financing tools to improve life in rural communities.

Eligible Applicants: 

Public and Nonprofit organizations are eligible to apply for Community-Based Development and SFH Real Estate Owned funding in the Rural Development Program. Individuals and families are eligible to access Single Family Housing loans and multi-family housing rental assistance using HUD vouchers in the Rural Housing Service Program. 

Eligible Beneficiaries: 

Families and individuals experiencing homelessness or low income in rural areas are the primary beneficiaries of both the direct housing supports and the community social services that can be funded using Rural Development resources. 

Funding Mechanism: 

Competitive grants and loans are awarded to nonprofit organizations, and housing vouchers and guaranteed SFH loans are given directly to families when they apply and are approved.