Office of Warrior Care Policy

The Department of Defense’s Office of Warrior Care Policy ensures that members of the military have access to equitable, pertinent, and timely resources that help them make important life steps.  The Office works with each branch of the military and the departments of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Labor  to achieve these goals.

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It provides resources for wounded warriors through the National Resource Directory, which connects Veterans to national, state and local resources to support recovery, rehabilitation, and community reintegration and employment services. This Office also administers the Department of Defense’s Transition Assistance Program, which helps current or recently discharged personnel determine the best course for their career transition and helps to connect them to resources such as housing assistance and VA benefits.  In addition, the office has partnered with the VA to integrate disability evaluation  for Service members being medically discharged to ensure the timely receipt of VA disability compensation and benefits.

Service members exiting the military face many challenges to gaining stability in civilian life – particularly those with severe wounds. The Department of Defense works to ensure that Veterans and their families are able to access all VA benefits, including proper rehabilitative care and housing supports if they are needed. Proper discharge planning and preparing military personnel for civilian life with employment, housing, and healthcare supports is imperative to preventing economic crises or homelessness among this population.

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