AmeriCorps State and National

AmeriCorps State and National programs engage AmeriCorps members in providing direct service to address unmet community needs. Local programs design service activities for a team of members serving full- or part-time for up to one year. Members also help to recruit community volunteers to expand the reach and effectiveness of the organization where they serve. The organizations that receive grants are responsible for recruiting, selecting, and supervising AmeriCorps members to serve in their programs

After successful completion of their term of service, AmeriCorps members earn a Segal AmeriCorps Education Award that can be used to pay for college or graduate school at Title IV schools, or to repay qualified student loans. Fulltime AmeriCorps members also receive a modest living allowance, health care benefits, and child care assistance. In addition to these benefits, AmeriCorps members learn new skills, acquire qualities of leadership, and gain a sense of satisfaction from taking on responsibilities that directly affect peoples' lives.

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Eligible Applicants:

U.S. citizens, nationals, or lawful permanent resident aliens age 17 and older may apply to be members of AmeriCorps State and National. Members may serve full- or part-time over a period not to exceed 12 months, and serve in projects in every state, U.S. territories, and on tribal reservations. For more information, click here.

Funding Mechanism:

AmeriCorps State works with Governor-appointed State Service Commissions to provide grants to non-government and government entities that sponsor service programs. These organizations use their grants to engage AmeriCorps members in service to help meet critical community needs in education, public safety, health, and the environment. To learn more, visit the AmeriCorps State website.

AmeriCorps National grants are made directly by the Corporation for National and Community Service. Grants can be made to public or private nonprofit organizations, institutions of higher education, government entities within states or territories, Indian Tribes, and consortia of the aforementioned. AmeriCorps National includes seven different grant opportunities. Detailed information, including eligibility requirements, can be found on the AmeriCorps National website.