Housing Choice Voucher Marketing Opportunity Index: Analysis of Data

Kirk McClure

Feburary 2011

Housing Choice Voucher Marketing Opportunity Index: Analysis of Data at the Tract and Block Group Level. Among the goals of housing mobility programs is the deconcentration of poverty. Deconcentration is valuable in that it can reduce the high concentrations of poverty that create distress within the affected neighborhoods. As households are moved from areas of high poverty concentration to areas of low concentration, it is hoped that additional benefits will accrue, including access to better employment, education, and shopping opportunities, in addition to better quality housing in safer neighborhoods.  This research project draws upon significant research on poverty deconcentration efforts with HUD’s Section 8 housing choice voucher program to form the basis constructing a housing opportunity index across all census tracts in the United States and Puerto Rico. The index identifies the potential opportunity within each census tract and block group.   The index is intended to be used by Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) to help voucher holders identify neighborhoods that have relatively low poverty rates, an available stock of rental units offered at rents at or below Fair Market Rent limits, and a high level of employment and educational opportunities for voucher holders.

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