10/19/2012 - What We’re Talking About: The Week at USICH - October 15-19

Los Angeles County Makes a Smart Move for Ex-Offenders 

As noted in the most recent USICH newsletter, the importance of connecting ex-offenders to safe, stable housing is a key element in successful reentry. In a few months, Los Angeles County Public Housing Authority, will allow ex-offenders on parole or probation who are also experiencing homelessness to be eligible for vouchers under the long-running homeless set-aside. This move will enable access to the nearly 22,000 vouchers for ex-offenders who are experiencing homelessness – a large group of individuals in Los Angeles County and individuals who face many barriers to housing stability.

The Los Angeles Times notes the importance of this change

Interested in reentry issues like this one? Take a look at our newsletter.

The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study and Trauma-Informed Care

Recently, the Huffington Post showcased a 3-part series on the CDC’S Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) study.  According to the CDC, the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study is one of the largest investigations ever conducted to assess associations between childhood maltreatment and later-life health and well-being. The ACE Study findings suggest that certain experiences are major risk factors for the leading causes of illness and death as well as poor quality of life in the United States. Progress in preventing and recovering from the nation's worst health and social problems is likely to benefit from understanding that many of these problems arise as a consequence of adverse childhood experiences.

This study emphasizes the importance of providing trauma-informed care to people experiencing homelessness. We invite you to take a look at a USICH webinar and learn more about trauma-informed care here

The American Journal of Public Health Call for Papers

The American Journal of Public Health will be publishing a theme issue on homelessness in 2013, with guest editors Vincent Kane of the National Center for Homelessness among Veterans and the Department of Veterans Affairs and Dr. Dennis Culhane of the University of Pennsylvania. Papers are invited on the following areas: epidemiology of homelessness and housing instability, homelessness and health disparities, development or evaluation of effective interventions, impact of service delivery, characteristics and needs of homeless veterans, and emerging risk populations or characteristics. We also invite original research papers featuring the identification and treatment of medical and or mental health disorders associated with homelessness, contribution of social context, ecological analysis of population data, and evaluation of promising prevention strategies.

Read more about submitting papers here

More news

A great piece in the Washington Post about the effects of public policy on Americans with mental illness is shown through the journey of one individual cycling through incarceration and homelessness.

Our partner Community Solutions was highlighted by the New York Times’ Fixes blog on their work ending chronic homelessness, as a part of an article on Social Change’s Age of Enlightenment

Check out all the upcoming webinars this fall from the National Health Care for the Homeless Council

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