Veterans Benefits Assistance Outreach Program

Veterans Benefits Assistance Homeless Veterans Outreach Coordinators (HVOCs) are located at 56 VA regional offices nationwide.  The HVOCs provide VA benefits access and information through outreach efforts to Veterans who are homeless and Veterans at-risk of homelessness including those involved with the justice system.  They also work with the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) to assist Veterans who are experiencing homelessness and connect them to helpful resources such as emergency shelters as a first step to stable housing, while also working to ensure that all Veterans are utilizing the Veterans Health Administration for primary and emergency care.  The HVOCs are often the first source of assistance and referral to Veterans for resources in their local area.

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VBA HVOCs are proactive in assisting justice-involved Veterans in their transition back to the community.  They partner with VHA and visit federal and state correctional facilities to work with both Veterans and prison staff ensuring that Veterans have a clear discharge plan in place, which includes a place to live for the first months of their transition and have enrolled in all eligible benefits within the VA. 

Through effective outreach, VBA HVOCs provide Veterans who are experiencing homelessness and justice-involved Veterans with valuable information and direct assistance and resources so Veterans do not experience homelessness. 

Eligible Beneficiaries:

Veterans experiencing homelessness and Veterans transitioning out of incarceration are the primary beneficiaries of this program. 

You may be connected with a VBA Homeless Veterans Outreach Coordinator by calling the National Call Center for Homeless Veterans at 1-877-4AID-VET or 1-877-484-3838.