Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program

The Ryan White HIV/AIDS program began in 1990 and the majority of funds support primary health care and specialized medical care to individuals most at risk for living with HIV/AIDS and includes access to housing resources. A smaller but equally critical portion funds technical assistance, clinical training, and research on innovative models of care. Ryan White funds a variety of programs that can help prevent and end homelessness including early diagnosis and outreach, housing support services, health care and medication support, programs for families, mothers, and youth, and substance abuse and risk reduction programs.

People experiencing homelessness are at a higher risk for being HIV positive and they are at a higher risk of delaying diagnosis and treatment and following an accelerated path toward AIDS onset.  The treatment regimen for HIV remains complicated and expensive. 

An increasing number of the people accessing HIV/AIDS services and housing have histories of homelessness, mental illness, and chemical dependency.  The HIV/AIDs Bureau (HAB) at the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) has approached the issue of housing and healthcare access through housing policy development, direct service programs, service demonstrations, as well as in technical assistance and training activities to grantees. Several types of direct housing assistance are provided through Ryan White.  In addition, HRSA coordinates Ryan White Program support with HUD’s Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS Program.

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Funding Mechanism:

The Ryan White program provides funding through a number of programs, called Parts, to meet needs for different communities and populations affected by HIV/AIDS.  Funds are administered by HAB and reach individuals through state and local government and non-profit service providers. HAB distributes funds to 52 states and territories as well as to targeted cities and local governments and providers and other non-profits. 

For more information on Ryan White Funding and Technical Assistance, please visit the TA Provider’s website.