Incarcerated Veterans’ Transition Program

The Incarcerated Veterans’ Transition Program provides case management and employment counseling services to Veterans who have been incarcerated or are soon to be transitioning out of incarceration and are at risk of becoming homeless. 

Program activities address the holistic concerns of veterans transitioning from institutional living, including housing, healthcare, job readiness, job training and accessing mainstream benefits. Grantees work with participating state and local jails in “inreach” activities to identify individuals who will be leaving the institution and implement proper discharge planning and counsel individuals prior to their release. Labor funds proactive organizations that also link Veterans to other supportive services to address the root causes of incarceration, in order to decrease recidivism and prevent homelessness with stable employment. 

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Eligible Applicants:

State and local Workforce Investment Boards, state and local governments, and nonprofit service providers who have a familiarity with serving this population are eligible to receive funding. Applicants that emphasize outreach and “inreach” to veterans of the most recent military operations (Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom) that serve the mental health needs of this population will be prioritized.

Eligible Beneficiaries:

Veterans who have been incarcerated or who have been released from incarceration within 18 months of the grant award are eligible for these services. 

Funding Mechanism:

Grants are awarded competitively on an annual basis for a one-year period directly to the service providers.