Federal Surplus Personal Property Donation

The GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service’s Office of Personal Property Management manages the Personal Property Utilization and Donation (U&D) Program, which includes the Federal Surplus Property Donation Program. GSA's Federal Surplus Personal Property Donation Program enables certain nonfederal organizations to obtain personal property that the federal government no longer needs and can be of benefit to the community.
GSA works together with State Agencies for Surplus Property (SASP), its partners on the state level, to transfer surplus personal property to certain eligible organizations.  Surplus property can include all types and categories of property such as food, clothing, beds, medical supplies, furniture and a host of other items. Surplus property is transferred by GSA to SASPs (State Agencies for Surplus Properties) for donation to a variety of non-profit and public agencies, including providers of homeless assistance.

GSA has developed a web page to provide information on the Federal Surplus Personal Property Donation Program.  The web site includes information on activities eligible to receive donations of federal surplus personal property, including homeless programs, and SASP contacts.

View the program website

Eligible Applicants:

The following activities are eligible to receive donations of federal surplus personal property through the SASPs:

  • Public agencies
  • Nonprofit educational and public health activities, including programs for the homeless and nonprofit and public programs for the elderly
  • Public airports
  • Educational activities of special interest to the Armed Services
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