Access to Recovery

The Access to Recovery program began in 2007 to provide vouchers for low-income individuals to access clinical treatment and recovery support services for substance abuse, as well as providing funding to expand the number and types of providers. Funding for vouchers to purchase services is granted to Single State Substance Abuse Agencies in each State and Territory, which are responsible for distributing vouchers to individuals. Vouchers awarded to individuals make it possible for them to access treatment in a number of different ways, based on the understanding that there are many pathways to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Clinical treatment includes screening, individual and group counseling, and medication-assisted therapy. Recovery Support services include family counseling, transportation assistance, housing services referrals, and support groups. Access to these critical services for individuals with substance abuse disorders can be a critical step that allows these individuals to regain stable housing and livelihoods.

Eligible Applicants:

Single State Substance Abuse Agencies in States, Territories, or the District of Columbia are eligible to apply for this funding.

Eligible Beneficiaries:

Low-income individuals suffering with substance abuse disorders and their families are the primary beneficiaries of programs receiving funds.

Funding Mechanism:

Discretionary grants are awarded on a competitive basis to eligible applicants annually.