12/05/2012 - All About HEARTH: A Webinar from USICH December 10 and more resources

The HEARTH Act enacted by Congress in 2009 is, in many ways, a game changer. It gave the federal government the charge to create the first federal strategic plan to prevent and end homelessness, setting forth the vision that no one in this country should be without a safe and stable place to call home. Perhaps most importantly, HEARTH moves governments and local stakeholders from a focus on individual program outcomes to a focus on how all programs work as a system to achieve results for an entire community. This strong statement made by the federal government foregrounds the work of implementing the HEARTH Act in communities across the country.  

The HEARTH Act and the ways it seeks to improve a community’s response to homelessness has come into an even sharper focus in the recent weeks, as the Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) for FY 2012 Continuum of Care (CoC) program was released and communities are working on their CoC program applications. In an effort to assist these communities,our most recent newsletterreleased in November focused on the HEARTH Act; specifically, what the HEARTH Act means for communities, important things to know about the Continuum of Care (CoC) Program NOFA and federal resources to help communities navigate new elements of the HEARTH Act.

To continue our efforts helping communities in this CoC program application and to detail important HEARTH changes, we are hosting a webinar on Monday, December 10 at 2 pm (EST) for CoC Providers and other community stakeholders.This webinar will cover ways for CoCs to think strategically about their resources and programs when completing their FY 2012 CoC application. Additionally, it will go over the NOFA and the key elements HUD is encouraging communities to focus in their application (such as chronic homelessness priority, or reallocation of resources if necessary). 

Cathy ten Broeke, Special Advisor to the Executive Director, USICH

Norm Suchar, Director of Center for Capacity Building at National Alliance to End Homelessness

In addition, the experts will be taking and answering questions from our participants live.  

Join the conversation and register for the USICH webinar here.

HUD has also recently made available resources on their website regarding the CoC program NOFA: one on how the Homeless Assistance Grants program budget affects this year's CoC program application, and another on the specifics of this year's CoC Program Application. 

-          Access the CoC Program Application webinar

-          Access the CoC Budget Implications webinar

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